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A better way to integrate data

Whenever information from different sources needs to be combined, the data structures supporting that information must first be related. This task, called data integration, is the biggest and most expensive challenge in IT today, accounting for over 40% of enterprise IT budgets.

Our technology performs data-integration tasks — such as querying, combining, migrating, and evolving databases — using category theory, a branch of mathematics that has already revolutionized several areas of computer science. Category theory gives us the theoretical guidance missing from current-generation data models (Relational, RDF/OWL, Graph, Key-Value, LINQ) and we have used it to build software for integrating data more quickly and more accurately than existing tools.

A CQL schema A CQL program A CQL database A CQL E/R diagram

Value Proposition

The result of seven years of research at MIT, CQL supports all of the operations needed to integrate and query data using category-theoretic principles. Its key benefits are:

Key Features


Conexus was spun out of the MIT Mathematics Department in the fall of 2015, supported by SBIR grants from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and I-Corp grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF).